A new channel to discover the city.

Be Memories is a new tourist guide concept that uses new technologies and exclusive leisure content. This tool, which disseminates tourist and cultural content among the visitors and citizens in Smart Destinations, is based on two innovation lines:

Say goodbye to the tourist apps

A new easy and agile channel to interact

Through the called Smart Spot devices, which enables an open Wi-Fi network, Be Memories creates smart areas Smart POI (Smart Point of Interactions), located in different cultural points of your city.

Visualize the content through a Wi-Fi network

Any user with a Smartphone can interact with Be Memories. Access to the content is as simple as connecting smartphones to the Be Memories Wi-Fi network in the available Smart POIs and the website stored in the Smart Spot device is opened automatically, showing all the information about the cultural point of interest.

Know the city through its citizens’ voices

A different content, based on
folk stories and customs

Be Memories provides content coming from the intangible heritage that resides in the popular knowledge of residents, introducing the visitors into the city network. These stories are presented in short-time video-interviews that are available for users to watch and listen to while they are visiting cultural points of the city where Smart POIs are located.